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Mark your calendars! The September meeting will be on September 25, 11AM at Furr's Cafeteria in Garland

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By Eileen Wahlstrom

August 28, 2019



Kathy Chesnut: Doing better every day but still waiting to start her radiation treatments

Valerie Cox: From Scott Robinson: I visited Valerie one day of each of the last two weeks. Valerie gets up and can walk. She seems in very good spirits and looks forward to getting home. She did mention that her memory was not good. I was friends with Dan Cox and I mentioned a few things and she had no issue knowing what I was talking about

Sue Hartson daughter Kim: Kim’s has been recuperating at Sue’s house and is getting better slowly. She will be there a while longer..


Gary Vincent

For those of you who knew Gary Vincent he passed away on Aug 11. He has been retired from E-Systems for 22 years, was 83 and lived his last years in Bothell, WA with his wife Linda. Prayers for the family are appreciated.

Ann Stark

August 1946 - August 2019

Ann Stark passed away on Tuesday, 13 August after having surgery to remove stage 1 cancer from one of her lungs. They did tests beforehand to verify her lungs were strong enough to handle this, but after surgery, she was in ICU for 3 weeks fighting to recover and her body just gave out. Ann was aware what was going on was involved in the decision on post-surgery treatment options. Ann would have been 73 in a few days.

Ann worked on the Poppy program for the nine years that she was at E-Systems and she left to pursue further education in 1994.

At the time of her death, Ann was living in Green Valley, Arizona with her husband of 20 years, Court Smith. Ann was able to see her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids a few days before she passed away.

Gene Slaughter

July 1941 – August 2019

SLAUGHTER, Gene Gene Slaughter, 77, passed away Wednesday, July 31 from pneumonia. Gene loved his family and his friends that he considered family. He loved New Mexico, Colorado, mountains and rivers. He loved cats and all small animals. He will be remembered as a quiet soul, who could always be depended on to be there and to help when needed. Gene was born to Willie "Buck" Slaughter and Dorothy Wells in Shiloh, Texas. While Texas-born, Gene grew up mostly in New Mexico and called Aztec, NM his home. After serving proudly in the U.S. Air Force, Gene moved to Plano, Tx. Gene and Nannette Daly married in 1969 and happily bickered daily for almost 40 years until she predeceased him in 2009.

Gene spent almost his entire career at LTV/E-Systems/Raytheon where he was an electrical engineer. After retirement, he and Nannette moved back to Aztec, NM where they loved gardening, traveling through the Colorado mountains, and watching wildlife. After 15 happy years in New Mexico, the lure of Texas and grandkids called and Gene and Nannette moved back to Kaufman, Tx where they both resided until their passings. Gene was a founding member of the North Texas Antique Tractor and Engine Club. He was also a long-time member of the E-Systems Retirees Club. Gene was predeceased by his parents and his sister Bette Perry.

He is survived by his sisters Ginger Taylor and Kathy Ellison and his brother Bob Sheppard. He is also survived by two daughters, Bonita Doyle and Judge Gena Slaughter and her husband, Richard Faulkner; grandchildren Beau, Mason, Evangeline and Grayson; and great-grandchildren Jackson, Harrison and Lyon. Gene is also survived by his family of choice, including Richard and Brenda Gray, Tanya Truitt, Michael Truitt and the entire Truitt family.

A memorial service was held on Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. at the Kaufman County Cowboy Church, 5970 State Hwy 243, Kaufman. As he wished, Gene was cremated; part of his ashes were interred with his wife Nannette in a private service and the remainder will be scattered at a later time over two of his favorite places - Wolf Creek Pass and Engineer Pass in the mountains of southern Colorado. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Dallas Cat Lady rescue group, dallascatlady.org or his place of worship, the Kaufman County Cowboy Church, kaufmancountycowboychurch.org.


Raytheon to expand in McKinney creating 500 advanced manufacturing jobs.

The new facility will support high-tech jobs and construction is expected to be completed in late 2020, according to the company. The building will include 200,000 square feet of workspace dedicated to high-tech manufacturing described as a "factory of the future" environment.

Click here for more information

AND…..on a lighter note:

Popeye is 90 years old this year!!

Historical Marker Update:

Jim Gray told me he has made a connection that could open doors for our marker. Stay tuned for more info!

I have name tags for the following people. One line tags are $4.00 and two line tags are $5.00. If anyone needs a name tag, please send your name (as you would like it on the name tag) to me, emmawahlstrom@aol.com or text it to me at 469-475-4884. A second line is optional if you want to include your service dates.

  • Gene Carlton
  • Sam Wilson
  • Chris Berry
  • Terry Gaus
  • Lenny Holt
  • Don Sivley

Mark your calendars! The September meeting will be on the 25th.

I’m still collecting eye glasses for donation to the Lion’s Club. Thank you all who have donated.

Eileen Wahlstrom

Note: We are an independent group of Garland E-Systems/Raytheon retirees and not affiliated with the Raytheon Corporation in any way.